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RE Scheme of Work

Community and CEVCP schools in Suffolk must base their RE scheme on the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus for RE.  

CEVAP schools, academies and free schools may do so. 

  • Download the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus (2012) here.
  • Hard copies cost £10 (+ p&p).  Contact Jacqui Studd.

C of E schools in Suffolk are advised to use the Emmanuel Project scheme of work, which fulfils RE requirements for all schools, and is based on the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus.  

The Emmanuel Project is a challenging enquiry-based scheme consisting of 42 practical, detailed units from Reception to Year 6, covering key concepts in all major world faiths.

A new edition is expected shortly and further information will be provided here.

Outlines of the scheme of work can be found here:

  • Buy the scheme on CD for £150 + £2.00 p&p here 
  • Buy CD2 for £25 + £1.00 p&p with seven extra KS2 Christianity units here
  • Download the flyer for the Emmanuel Project here.
  • Download a sample unit here

For training and courses on using the project, see ‘RE Support’. 

Last updated 17 January 2020.